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What is speedigus®?

At igus, we have the aim of helping our customers reduce costs while bringing technical benefits to their products and machines. We call this "plastics for longer life."
Sometimes our customers require custom parts or services, and for many years this has been an important part of the igus® support.
Now, with speedigus®, we combine custom parts with speed, using the benefits of igus® tribo-plastics.

Matthew Aldridge, igus® UK bearings director, introduces the new speedigus® Service


This is where a 3D model from the customer is used to produce a fast aluminium injection mould tool, allowing real igus® parts to be manufactured very quickly. The leadtime for this service varies from 24 hours to a maximum of three weeks.
This is where the igus® stock bar is used to machine a custom part to a 2D drawing or 3D model. The leadtime for this service varies from 3 days to a maximum of three weeks.
This is where an igus® part is fitted into a custom housing or unit, and the whole assembly is supplied as one part. The leadtime for this service varies from five days to three weeks.


Custom iglidur® parts manufactured by injection moulding. A speedimold part is made using an aluminium tool, and this process can be extremely fast due to lean manufacturing method. Leadtimes can be as quick as 24 hours, and certainly no longer than 15 working days, even for very complex components. Tooling costs are very low, starting at £1000.

+ -
from 24 hours made to
speedigus® tolerance
injection moulded parts
ideal for prototypes



Custom iglidur® parts machined from stock bar. A speedicut part is made by machining a standard iglidur® stock bar to a customer's drawing. Leadtimes can be as quick as 3 days, and certainly no longer than 15 working days.

+ -
from 3 days
machined exactly
to drawing
limit of 100mm
ideal for low volume



iglidur® parts fitted into a custom assembly. A speedifit part is made by taking a standard or custom iglidur® plain bearing, and fitting this into a housing machined to a customer's drawing. This whole assembly is then supplied as a single component, saving time and money.

+ -
reduce number of
increase productivity from 5 days
increase cash flow

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