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Energy supply system for high speed roll door

Search for conclusive solution for the energy supply

The traditional spiral cable did not satiate the requirements of quality and design of the Coolit Isoliersysteme GmbH, which developed a new high speed roll door for cold storage, freezing and hygiene rooms. The company decided on the new Micro flizz® energy supply system from igus® to replace the other - and is happy about the choice.
Trials showed that the Micro flizz® can also be operated in tough test conditions in the cold chamber at -40°C, and consequently, today, it is standard equipment of the new generation high speed lifting doors.
The door closes at the speed of 1.2 m/s so that only a minimum of the cold escape outside.

The carriage travels at low-friction on ball bearings Micro flizz®

Conclusive solution - assembled and delivered

The compact system enables the secure guidance of energy, data and compressed air. An energy chain is accommodated in a slim enclosed aluminum guide channel, which is self-guiding and thus moves in the channel at extremely low friction. The ball bearing carriage also contributes to the smooth running of the chain. To minimize the rolling noise of the energy chain in the flizz® guide channel, the igus® designers have integrated a plastic spring in the e-chain®. The Micro flizz® system is delivered ready assembled with energy and control cables for the safety sensor barriers and the safety strips. igus® supplies not only the guidance system in the required length, but also ready assembled readychain® cables inclusive of plug connections.

Integrated between door leaf and frames, the thin design of the Micro flizz® attracts positive attention. Micro flizz®

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