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Energy chains for robots

Guide energy along all axes, specifically for robot applications. For axis 1, twisterchain offers ideal cable protection for rotary and spiral movements. Axes 2–6 are the field of application for the triflex® R system. Impact-resistant, torque-resistant with external stop-dog and twistable by +/- 10° per chain link – these are the properties that make triflex® R the perfect and best possible robot e-chain®.


triflex® R

triflex® R  
Movements in three axes

  • Inner height (fillable): 10 to 46.8
  • Ideal for demanding multi-axis movement
  • High torsion resistance
  • Easy to lengthen and shorten
  • Defined torsion stop-dog and minimum bend radius
  • Large number of options available
  • iF Design Award 2004, 2007 & 2013

twisterchain, new

twisterchain, new

Current generation

Tough, quiet, for high loads, can turn up to 540°

  • Inner height: 28 to 56mm
  • Crossbars openable along inner radius
  • Stronger; higher fill weights possible
  • 25% less weight that the previous twisterchain
  • Highly dynamic and quieter running (with new trough)
  • Smooth cable-friendly interior
  • Successfully tested for over 1 million cycles in the igus® laboratory
  • Rotary speeds of up to 1m/s and more, rotary/spiral movements up to 540° (360° from stock)



Predecessor model of the twisterchain, new

Circular and spiral movements

  • Inner height: 28 to 56mm
  • Openable along inner and outer radius
  • Classic version


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