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Motor boats

An innovative sliding system

The team from “Pegazus Boats Sp. Z o.o.” builds yachts and fishing boats made of special polyester glass laminate. Now the company has developed an innovative shifting system for the console. Products from the drylin® WJRM assortment were used. The slide console allows controlling speedboats from the cabin or from the open deck. Thanks to hybrid drylin® roller- and plain bearings, mounted on double drylin® guides made of anodized aluminium, the position of the steering gear can be easily and quickly changed. The boat can thus be driven inside the entire movement area. The bearings are easy to install and also maintenance-free.
Sliding system_01
Sliding system_02

Pegazus Boats Sp. z o.o., Jacek Żywalewski, Augustów, Poland

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