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The alternative to the cable drum - cable-friendly and safely guides various media


e-spool - Multi-Energy-Spool

Guide many different cables in very narrow spaces. e-spool uniquely combines two different energy supply systems: One standard e-chain® is guided by one roller and provides any time the exactly right length and tension of the energy supply system through an integrated retaining spring. In the starting position the chain is entirely rolled up to save space. The twisterband connects the roller with the shaft block, which serves as an interface to the permanently laid cables.

No tensile load of the cables

Different media and diameters in one drum possible

Energy supply possible in all directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal … everything possible in one chain)

Space-saving, no "chain junction"

No lower run is left behind, the paths remain free

Cable diameter up to 16 mm

Application areas:Cherry pickers, stage applications, drugstore sorting plants


More flexibility: In contrast to for instance in sliding contacts, cables can also be connected throughout for data, compressed air and liquids and above all, be replaced or modified anytime.


Available project-related, 3 weeks

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