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Who uses igus® products?

motion plastics for over 50 industries

We have customers in 72 countries and more than 50 branches of industry. They include large global corporations but we love small customers just as much.  Our infrastructure allows us to handle large requests as well as small orders for which there is no minimum order quantity. Just as the customer wishes. In addition, we offer customers a wide range of services such as personal consultations and support, a web shop, live chats, webinars and visits by our salesmen.

Elevator from "thyssenkrupp Elevator"

thyssenkrupp Elevator relies on igus energy supply systems

thyssenkrupp Elevator, one of the leading companies in lift technologies and services, has replaced conventional ropes with linear motors. The linear drive and the guide rod can rotate by 90°. With regard to energy supply, the greatest challenges included the little amount of space available and small bend radii. The energy chains are being used for the first time in the lift sector for such an application.  

"AIRFRAME ™" exoskeleton with iglidur plain bearings

Exoskeleton from Pathway profits from iglidur plain bearings

The levitating "AIRFRAME ™" exoskeleton takes the strain off muscles, supports movement sequences and prevents tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back. A large number of iglidur bearings from the igus product range are built into the mechanical support system. With igus products, it was possible to create a compact, lightweight design and fulfil the technical design requirements for non-corrosive materials. The exoskeleton can also be used in difficult environmental conditions.

Customer applications from the manus and vector award

The manus and vector awards introduced by igus take place alternately every year. The manus award is for fascinating plastic bearing applications whereas the vector award is for innovative applications with plastic energy supply products. We are delighted with the hundreds of entries from our customers that we receive each year for the two awards.
To the vector award 2020
To the manus award 2021

Robots and boat

At home in more than fifty industrial sectors

Different branches of industry require different and individual solutions. Whether in mechanical engineering, motor vehicle manufacturing, material handling or 3D printing - igus offers customised support for special applications. With our industry managers who have accumulated many years of experience, we are a partner who is there to help you and has the knowledge that is necessary at both ends of the supply chain: the industry and the product.

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