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smart bearing technology

smart plain bearing technology

iglidur isense plain bearing

  • Avoid sudden failures
  • Detect and monitor maintenance requirements via remote diagnostics
  • Available as an FDA-compliant all-rounder
  • High wear resistance
  • Resistance to dust and dirt

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A defective plain bearing can ruin the day, not only for farmers but for any machine operator.  
Smart plain bearings are great for especially sensitive or hard-to-reach spots on a machine, since they allow the bearing's condition to be assessed at any time.

3D printed smart plain bearings

  • Wear-resistant parts with sensors produced by means of multi-material 3D printing
  • Warning when wear limit is reached
  • Warning before overload occurs ► Avoid damage
  • Predictable service life
  • No minimum order quantity
  • No lubrication necessary

3D i.Sense

smart iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings

  • Easy to install with replaceable sliding elements
  • High wear resistance
  • For high loads, high rigidity
  • Housing made of aluminium

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PRT smart

smart linear technology

The smart drylin® W carriage

In addition to condition monitoring, with the help of the drylin W LED carriage it is also possible to fit a drylin W carriage for predictive maintenance. 
This not only indicates that the liners have become worn but also the best time to carry out a replacement. Therefore you always use the products with the maximum service life as you never replace them too early or too late.   

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drylin W smart
drylin W smart

drylin® W linear carriage with LED

  • Fast offline check
  • Easy handling and visualisation by LED
  • For drylin® W profile guides and linear modules
  • Available in 2 installation sizes: 10 and 16
  • Set of spare bearing liners available from stock
  • Bearing replacement with practical mounting tool

to the drylin® W carriage

smart bearing technology sensors



Sensor for wear in drylin T linear systems

  • Allows predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • Integrated into the liner
  • Reports wear of the liner in good time
  • Predictable replacement of the sliding elements



Wear monitoring with the DLW.W sensor

  • Allows predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • A sensor measures the wear of the linear bearing in the drylin W linear guide
  • If the limit is reached, it sends a signal to indicate that the bearing liner should be changed



Sensor for wear of iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearing

  • Allows predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • Sensor measures the abrasion of the sliding elements
  • Predictable replacement of the sliding elements

isense plain bearing

isense plain bearing

Integrated wear measurement

  • Allows predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • Integrated sensor system measures wear