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Ready-to-connect drylin® linear units

Ready-to-connect linear units for your step motor type NEMA 23

Ready-to-connect SAW for step motor

The drylin® series SAW offers ready-to-connect linear axes for your step motor type NEMA-23 of different manufacturers (Berger Lahr, Festo, Gunda, Oriental, Sanyo Denki, etc.). The linear motion is carried out completely free of lubricant.

Threaded drive spindle, ball-bearing mounted

Pitches 2 mm, 3 mm, 12 mm or 50 mm per rotation

Compact design, low weight, high stability

Delivered ready for installation with motor flange and coupling

Optional with adjustable linear bearings and clearance-free, pretensioned carriage

Besides the standard right-handed spindle, left-handed or counter spindles can also be used



Stepper motor (optional)


Motor flange and coupling


Trapezoidal thread 10 x 2, 10 x 3 steep thread 10 x 12, 10 x 50


Threaded nut and linear bearing made of iglidur® J, lubricant-free



Optional: Bearing with Turn-To-Fit-Function

Optional: Bearing with Turn-To-Fit-Function

Additional information on motors:

Step motors complement the drylin® linear axes well. They are characterized by their cost effectiveness, precision and ease of control. They operate reliably in a wide variety of ambient conditions (depending on the chosen degree of protection IP). The NEMA standard guarantees good availability worldwide.

NEMA size Flange width (b) Hole spacing (a)  
8 20,00 16,00
11 28,00 23,00
14 35,00 26,00
17 42,00 31,00
23 56,40 47,14
34 86,00 69,50

NEMA refers exclusively to the connecting dimensions of the step motors! Exact values can be had from the relevant motor data sheets.

Part No.:
Order no. Max.
stroke length
static carrying capacity
axial [N] radial [N]
 SAW-1040 500 1500 500 2000 Standard linear plain bearings
with lubrication-free
iglidur® J liner
 SAW-1040-E 500 1500 500 2000 Additionally with manually
adjustable linear plain bearings
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