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Buy or build robolink® articulated arm robot with 4 or 5 axes

For flexible automation with up to 5 degrees of freedom

Can be used in every application - modular and cost-effective

Our robolink® articulated arm robots can be used individually and flexibly. Whether for simple pick-and-place applications or vertically positioned; thanks to numerous customer applications and optimisations in our own test lab, we can always improve our robotics technologies.
Our robolink articulated robots can be used with a precision of 1mm and loads up to 3kg in almost all sectors and industries. It can implement applications with process times of eight seconds. One process is gripping and depositing parts.
Our promise of success: our robolink robotics components are mostly made of tribologically optimised polymers to enable significant cost savings. At the same time, a long service life and freedom from maintenance are realised.

  • Up to 5 degrees of freedom  
  • Reach up to 790mm 
  • With encoder/control system upon request
  • Linear adjustment on the drylin ZLW toothed belt axis extends the robot's radius of action by a 7th axis
    Typical applications:
  • Palletisation
  • Gripping applications/ Pick and place
  • Test applications
  • Welding

New: robolink® RL-DP lightweight robot

RL-DP articulated arm robot

Optionally with control system, reach of up to 790mm, design freedom

Find out more about robolink® DP

robolink® DCi

robolink DCi

Modular, compact and integrated control system

Find out more about robolink® DCi

New: ReBeL modular gearbox system for cobots

Building your own service robot or buying a finished ReBeL robot


    Building your own robot

    • Build service robots yourself with the modular ReBeL gearbox system
    • 25% lighter than conventional strain wave gears thanks to igus® high-performance polymers
    • Start directly with the robot kinematics through fully integrated strain wave gears
    • Lightweight, maintenance-free components

    More about ReBeL build: Modular gearbox system for cobots
    ReBeL gearbox system

    Buying your robot

    • Available starting in the autumn of 2021
    • 25-50% lighter than conventional multi-axis robots thanks to igus® high-performance polymers
    • Tested in the Low Cost Automation laboratory
    • Can be controlled with igus® Robot Control, a control system for all robots

    More about ReBeL buy: Multi-axis robots Plug and Play

    Application examples with our robolink® robots

    Use in machine tools
    Pick & place/distribution
    Soft gripper application

    Build articulated arm robots yourself

    Low Cost Automation shop

    Modular robot parts and components

    In our Low Cost Automation shop you will find finished robot arms with or without encoder and integrated control systems. For your individual robot you can choose your appropriate robot component from long-lasting gearboxes, rotary axes and motors.

    Go to Low Cost Automation shop
    robolink Designer

    robolink® Designer: for configuring and ordering individual robots

    Configure your robolink® articulated arm robot according to your requirements and simulate movement sequences. A finished robolink® robot including parts list is just a few clicks away.

    Go to the robolink® designer
    Robot control system

    Intuitive robot control: igus Robot Control

    The modular control system with free software realises the individual control of robots. When purchasing different robot kinematics available as control cabinet or as top-hat (DIN) rail version.

    igus® Robot Control system for up to 5 axes

    Up to 7 degrees of freedom - on vertical or horizontal level

    The so-called seventh axis as a linear drive increases the reach of robots, leading to a higher flexibility of applications. For this axis, two adapter kits are now available for the direct connection of robots robolink DProbolink DCi  as well as universal robots with UR CAP integration . 

    Find out more about the 7th axis


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