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Smart condition monitoring systems for data, measuring system, and bus cables

Drastically reduce downtime costs for heavily loaded cables and lines ... with i.Sense CF.D

The new, protocol-independent measuring method determines cable data transmission properties during operation using high-frequency technology. This eliminates the need for additional sacrificial cores. The latest generation can even manage completely contactless cable monitoring.

If the transmission characteristics start to deteriorate, cables can be replaced in good time. Intelligent condition monitoring of the entire moving cable, including the connector, also prevents system downtimes. 

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Advantages of our smart plastics solutions:

▲ Tech up
  • Smart monitoring of the entire cable incl. plug-in connectors
  • Extension of the maximum service life
  • Integration into Industry 4.0/IIoT concepts
▼ Cost down
  • Saves on additional measuring cores
  • Contactless design allows quick retrofitting​
  • Reduce maintenance costs through early warnings

The system components of i.Sense CF.D

Acquire data - Evaluate data - Visualise data

CF.D Sensors


The new measuring method determines the data transmission characteristics of the cables during operation using high-frequency technology. This means that there is no longer any need for additional sacrificial wires. For this purpose, one feed-through adapter is looped into the Ethernet cable to be monitored at the beginning and end respectively. The small design of the adapters allows subsequent installation at any time. 

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i.Cee evaluation unit

Evaluation module

This sensor data can be processed by the i.Cee:plus module during operation. If the transmission properties begin to deteriorate, this can immediately be taken as an indicator for a timely cable replacement. Plant downtime can also be prevented by this intelligent condition monitoring of the entire moving cable including plug-in connector. 

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i.Cee dashboard


At a glance, the dashboard shows the remaining service life of components equipped with smart technology. In addition, the current status of the intelligent energy supply system is displayed in colour using a traffic light code. This gives the system operator a clear picture of the plant status at a glance, and he can plan the next preventive maintenance intervals.

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How to start with i.Sense CF.D?

Test setup & documentation

In our new manual for i.Sense CF.D you will find all necessary information about: 

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Initial operation
  • Maintenance
  • Error handling
Part number transmitter: IS.CF.D.SU.ETHER01.T.01.0.BETA
Part number receiver: IS.CF.D.SU.ETHER01.R.01.0.BETA

isense cfd 1 cable condition monitoring The CF.D sensor is simply inserted into the data link at the beginning and end.
isense cfd 2 cable condition monitoring The connection to the i.Cee module in the control cabinet allows status data to be processed further at any time.
isense cfd 4 cable condition monitoring In the second generation, a wrapped antenna is used to monitor the cable without contact.

Intelligent cable monitoring implemented successfully

Industry 4.0: smart plastics in practice

Wastewater treatment plants and wastewater operations |
Port and container cranes
Conveyor and bulk handling


"Avoid costly failures"

i.Sense CF.Q in use

"The machine works with really high stroke rates in a relatively short installation space, so we needed cables with high flexural strength. We also had to find a predictive warning system to keep this machine, with its high output, from breaking down, which would be costly."

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Tausch, Head of Electrical Engineering, GHD Georg Hartmann Maschinenbau GmbH

Customer applications worldwide

Overview of i.Sense examples

In international automotive production, the global crane industry, or regional wastewater plants: i.Sense EC.P systems are successfully used wherever maintenance costs are saved and machine downtime prevented:

To the application overview

Further smart solutions for cable monitoring

Condition monitoring (i.Sense) with chainflex cables requires no additional module. The system can be integrated and networked without additional software. In these cases, cables provide three options for condition monitoring. 

  • Cable push/pull force measurement (CF.P)
  • Cable electrical property measurement (CF.Q)
  • Transmission quality measurement (CF.D)



  • Condition monitoring
  • measures pull forces acting on cables
  • If there is a fault, the contact closes, and a notification is sent to the machine



  • Condition monitoring 
  • Indicates changes in the electrical properties
  • In the event of a fault, information by means of NO contact and signal

smart plastics general overview

Insight into the complete product portfolio for Industry 4.0

Content overview:

  • Condition monitoring (i.Sense)
  • Condition monitoring products
  • Condition monitoring application examples
  • Predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • Application examples for predictive maintenance
  • How does data flow in the case of predictive maintenance?

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How does predictive maintenance work at igus?

Smart networking of individual components creates the solid foundation for predictive maintenance concepts. At igus, we call our predictive maintenance system i.Cee.

The central element of this system is the i.Cee software. This software, combined with sensors on the energy chain, the plain bearing or a linear carriage, transform stock products into smart products. This upgrade enables you to determine the maximum service life of your igus product and the i.Cee system specifies the perfect time for servicing. Algorithms adjust the service life and service time according to usage. With the software provided by us, a few sensors and the new i.Cee:plus II communication module, standard products available from stock can be turned into smart energy supply systems or bearing technology in no time at all.

smart plastics FAQs


What are igus smart plastics? What is Industry 4.0? In our blog, you will find answers to our customers most frequent questions:

i.Sense CF.D - the most important aspects at a glance

Tech up

Tech up

  • The transmission properties are measured during operation using protocol-independent measurement methods​
  • Small feed-through adapters are looped into the cable to be monitored at both ends
  • i.Cee:plus II module connected via USB for predictive maintenance information
  • Smart monitoring of all moving cables, including plug-in connectors

Cost down

Cost down

  • Saves on additional measuring cores
  • Small type enables quick retrofitting in case of cable replacement
  • Indicator for timely cable replacement – prevent unplanned plant shutdowns



  • Ongoing test series in the industry's largest test laboratory  for dynamic power transmission systems
  • Try it out in your own application: igus® is offering free samples in the beta test phase



  • No extra cores needed
  • Predictable service intervals save resource-intensive emergency operations

Smart project planning

Project planning

Request expert support and customised solutions directly.

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Smart consulting tool

smart tool

With just a little bit of information about your application, you can make the right selection of smart plastics required. 

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Smart white paper

smart brochure

This short white paper provides a quick overview of all igus activities relating to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. 

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