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The history of igus

From a back yard in Cologne out into the world

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Employees worldwide

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Injection moulding machines

igus 2022

Chainge platform: industrial plastic recycling for everyone

In 2019, we launched our recycling program for plastic energy chains. Since then, customers have been able to send us worn-out energy chains. We weigh the material and issue a voucher for it. What is special about the program is that we take back not only our own energy supply systems, but those of other manufacturers as well if the chains are made of plastic. We shred the material or send it to external recycling services. But then we thought: There is still more to do. So we introduced our Chainge platform in 2022. We want to facilitate recycling in industry and promote the circular economy. We also want to make it easy to get hold of recycled material. Find out more here.

The igus Chainge platform: easy industrial plastic recycling

igus until 2021

igus 1964/65

Getting started is always difficult – the founding of igus GmbH in 1964

"Give me your most difficult part, and I will find a solution," Günter Blase told Pierburg. He had to take a risk in order to win over the company, which was his very first customer. He had two children at home to care for. Money was tight. He had just set up igus with his wife Margret and still had to buy his first injection moulding machine. The order from Pierburg was a critical one.

Günter Blase in 1964 in his office at igus

The first product, 1965: a valve plug for Pierburg

And Günter Blase received that enquiry from Pierburg. The most complicated part turned out to be a valve plug for a carburettor. In 1965, no one would have thought of using plastic to make the small component, let alone injection-moulding it. The manufacturing process was simply too complicated. For Günter Blase, this was no reason to lose heart. He went into his double garage and experimented until the first perfect plastic valve plug emerged from the injection-moulding machine.

The first igus product: a valve plug for Pierburg

igus in motion

From the very beginning, life at igus was captured on film. The video shows a compilation of old recordings and Günter Blase interview excerpts.

This provides a little insight into the early years and shows how Günter Blase got into plastic and what was important to him from the start: the customers and the advantages igus products can give them!


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