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motion plastics for material handling

Maintenance-free and quiet in continuous logistic operation

Storage without interruption of logistics is essential for fast supply chains. Customers do not want to wait unnecessarily for their goods, and for manufacturers, on-time delivery is a decisive competitive advantage. The processes run largely automatically, especially in larger-scale intra logistics. In addition to industrial­ vehicles, lifting tables and palletisers, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and storage and retrieval units (SRUs) autonomously move unit loads and packages. motion plastics support 24/7 operation because they work without lubrication and are therefore maintenance-free. In addition, our energy chains, cables, plain and linear bearings save weight and installation space, an important aspect especially in high-bay warehouses.

SRUs & shuttles

Space-saving, durable energy supply systems for storage and retrieval units, shuttle systems and transfer trolleys

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Industrial vehicles

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free plain and linear bearings for forklifts, automated transport systems etc.

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Lifting tables

Highly resilient polymer bearings for cylindrical and scissor joints of lifting tables

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Conveyor technology

Maintenance-free components for hanging systems, roller conveyors, roller ball tables and other conveyor systems

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New products in 2021

3 new products in 5 minutes

A video of our highlights for material handling

This year, we are launching 168 innovations. Industry Manager Christian Strauch will present the top news for material handling in just five minutes. This includes condition monitoring on bus cables:

  • Measurement of the transmission characteristics during operation
  • Saves on additional measuring cores
  • Smart monitoring of all cables, including plug-in connectors

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Horizontal travels set up quickly

Hybrid cables suitable for SEW MOVILINK DDI

Easy vertical energy supply with minimal effort

Curious about more innovations? You can find the news overview here.

The huge motion plastics sample box

Trying things out made easy: with the igus corner, you always have the most recent motion plastics suited for your individual industry sector at hand. 
We will bring the display to you, assemble it upon request and fill the compartments with the products of your choice. Or you can set it up yourself. As a permanent exhibition or for a limited period of time.

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