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drylin® N low profile linear guide systems

The small drylin® N low profile linear guide system consists of a rail and a guide carriage. The sliding elements are manufactured from a high-performance polymer. The low profile linear guide was developed especially for applications with very little installation space. It moves completely without any lubricant, guaranteeing compliance with the highest hygiene standards.
  • 100% maintenance and lubrication-free
  • Corrosion-resistant and hygienic
  • Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity
  • Quiet operation
  • Our rails can be joined together to make unlimited lengths, unlike ball bearing systems. 

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drylin® N options

Low profile guide rails

drylin® N low profile guide system for linear applications with compact installation space
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Guide carriages

drylin® N low profile guide carriage for linear applications with compact installation space
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Complete solution

drylin® N complete solution for linear applications with compact installation space
  • Low profile guide system & guide carriage
  • Installation heights of between 6mm and 12mm
  • Different installation sizes
  • 100% maintenance and lubrication-free
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igus® pre-load prism slides

pre-load prism slides
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Configure a complete system

config banner You can use the drylin® linear guides expert to quickly and easily configure an individual linear guide for your application in just five steps.
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Low-profile guide rails drylin® N

System heights of 6 to 12mm characterise the drylin® N low-profile guide systems. This makes the drylin® N aluminium rails with plastic carriages ideal for applications with small installation spaces. The low mass also means efficient energy and emission consumption on the one hand, and transportable system solutions on the other.

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drylin® N sample box

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The components of the drylin® N low-profile guide systems

Guide rails silver-anodised

Guide rails silver-anodised
  • Aluminium profile in four installation sizes
  • Widths from 17 to 80mm
  • With or without mounting holes for individual processing
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Anti-reflective guide rails

Anti-reflective guide rails
  • Black-anodised aluminium rails
  • Black surface reduces light reflection
  • With standard holes or without holes
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End caps for drylin® N

End caps for drylin® N guide rails
  • Stylish rail/edge finish
  • Easy and safe assembly
  • For all drylin® N rail profiles

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NW guide carriage
(Series 01/11/21)

NW guide carriage (Series 01/11/21)
  • With plain holes for attachment from below
  • Clipped or firmly overmoulded sliding elements
  • Lightweight solid plastic carriages
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NW guide carriage
(Series 02/12/22)

NW guide carriage (Series 02/12/22)
  • Threaded holes/pins for attachment from above
  • Sliding elements changeable or moulded
  • Fixed bearing/floating bearing variants
Buy NW guide carriage (Series 02/12/22)

NW guide carriage with pretension

NW guide carriage with pretension
  • With integrated spring pre-load
  • For rattle-free adjustments
  • With plain or threaded hole/pin

Buy NW guide carriage with pretension

Why choose drylin® N profile guides?


Can be used in small installation spaces

Thanks to space-saving design with an installation height of 9-12 mm
Lower energy costs

Lower energy costs

Thanks to a lightweight, energy-efficient design of the low-profile guide system
Easy to adjust and position

Easy to adjust and position

Through defined displacement forces
Quiet operation

Quiet operation

Spring pre-load of the carriage and sliding element ensures quiet running
Less installation time

Less installation time

Thanks to overmoulded carriage (permanent connection between carriage and sliding element)
Easy installation

Easy installation

Thanks to the use of double carriage, it is possible to dispense with several carriage

Selected application examples

drylin® N low profile linear guide systems are deployed particularly in places where the installation spaces are small while demands are high. The compact but tough design meets the highest demands with regard to precision and flexibility. The various widths for the guides and the wide range of guide carriages provide a great variety of application options.  

drylin® NT telescopic rails

New - drylin® N telescopic rails for temperatures up to 130°C

  • Infinitely variable stroke lengths up to 600mm
  • Use also in hygienic environment
  • Solid and lightweight
  • Lubrication-free and quiet

drylin® NT telescopic rails

drylin SLN low-profile guide system with lead screw

SLN low-profile guide system with lead screw

  • Choice between three versions
  • econ base module/ Clearance adjustment/ Pretension
  • Configure linear module
For the SLN flat guide with lead screw

Application examples

banner mobinn

Robot Delivery Service

Self-guiding robots specialised in delivering goods from a predefined location. 
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The CompactChart from Compact Solutions GmbH as an all-rounder compared to a normal flip chart with drylin® N rail and matching carriages from igus®.
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Unsupported wheelchair lift

Unsupported wheelchair lift

The wheelchair lift is an innovative system that was specially developed for people in wheelchairs.
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Food truck with drylin® N

Nomes srl used drylin® N to convert a normal truck into a food truck.
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General information about drylin® N


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