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Bike bearings - maintenance-free, robust and light!

Bike riding is environment-friendly, healthy and trendy. The range of different types of bicycle on offer is now very wide: from cargo bikes, which no longer transport goods but take the children to nursery school, to racing bikes for sport or in the city and mountain bikes for the adrenaline kick in leisure time. Robust iglidur plain bearings from igus are a good choice for all applications. They withstand extreme loads, shocks and impacts, reduce the bike's weight and, thanks to the absence of lubrication, are easy to look after and only have to be maintained very rarely. The high wear resistance makes them reliable components, not only on racing bikes but also on much-used everyday bicycles.
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bike bearings

Mountain bike in the mud

Mountain bikes

Durable bearings for dampers, forks, rear wheel swing arms and similar
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Cargo bike on dirt road

Cargo bikes

Robust bearings for handlebar, box flap, stand and more
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Further areas of application

Further areas of application

Durable components for other bike types, bicycle accessories and other means of transport
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Eco plain bearing product range made from regranulate
Round bars made of wear-resistant iglidur E material
Project: solid plastic bicycle made from recycled plastic waste
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Top products for bikes

Wear-resistant bushings in pedals and shock absorber eyes, low-stick-slip guide rings in seat posts and suspension forks, robust rod ends and lightweight linear guides in cargo bikes: our lubrication-free dry-tech bearing technology has proven itself in many bicycle applications.

Our Industry Manager Alexander Welcker will explain what these are in detail and introduce the igus:bike project at our trade show stand at Eurobike 2022. 

You can find more information at and on our websites dealing with mountain bikes and cargo bikes.
The top motion plastics for the bicycle industry: a brief overview of the Eurobike trade show stand

Your component made to your design in the desired quantity and material

Special solutions are just as much part of the igus product range as standard parts. Our experts match the choice of the manufacturing process and the component material precisely to your needs. The right material for your purposes is selected from a wide range of wear-resistant and maintenance-free high-performance polymers.


Successfully in use in the bicycle industry

Bike riding is environment-friendly, healthy and in. The range of different types of bicycle on offer is now very wide: from cargo bikes, which no longer transport goods but take the children to nursery school, to racing bikes for sport or in the city and mountain bikes for the adrenaline kick in leisure time.
bicycle bearings

igus bike bearings make agile e-cargo bike low-maintenance

The company chike needed suitable components for a new type of spring-loaded tiltable chassis that would make their e-cargo bike just as manoeuvrable in bends as an ordinary bicycle. The igubal rod end bearings are now used on the tie rods, iglidur plain bearings on the wishbone and in the tilt lock. In contrast to metallic bearings, they ensure practically maintenance-free, durable operation, are lightweight and cost-effective.
bicycle bearings

Constant performance on the trail, resistant to shocks, mud and dust

For their pedal bearings the company Crank Brothers was looking for a solution. Resistance to dirt, a reduction in weight and a long service life were the main aspects. With our plain bearings made of the iglidur JB material, the company was able to achieve an eight times longer service life and reduce the weight. The new bearings are insensitive to dirt and can be easily cleaned without any loss of performance.
Various customer projects from the bicycle industry

... other success stories

Plain bearings in the rear frame of a MTB fully, spherical bearings in the steering and in the tiltable chassis of cargo bikes, individual 3D-printed components for brakes: discover more applications from our customers in the bicycle industry in which our motion plastics are used and show off their advantages: low weight, long service life, no lubrication and dirt resistance.
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Tested in the igus test laboratory for use in the real world

Tested for continuous load, media resistance and quiet operation
In the industry's largest test laboratory for plastics, iglidur plain bearings are tested thoroughly and extensively. Focus of the tests are push/pull forces, coefficient of friction, wear as well as abrasion and driving forces at various speeds and bearing loads. The results are entered into our tools to calculate service life and allow for precise predictions regarding their durability.
Upon request, igus carries out customer tests to check product use under completely tailored conditions.

How is using polymer bearings in bicycles advantageous? What advantages do they have over their counterparts made of metal? In this igus® blog, you can find interesting articles on everything to do with bicycle technology and equipment.
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The huge motion plastics sample box

Trying things out made easy: with the igus corner, you always have the most recent motion plastics suited for your individual industry sector at hand. 
We will bring the display to you, assemble it upon request and fill the compartments with the products of your choice. Or you can set it up yourself. As a permanent exhibition or for a limited period of time.
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