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igus® Ireland

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igus® Ltd.

Caswell Road

Northampton, NN4 7PW

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About igus

igus is a manufacturer of high-performance polymers for movement. We have been developing and producing so-called motion plastics, innovative products made from lubrication-free plastics, since 1964. These include energy chains, cables, plain bearings, lead screw technology, robots and intelligent sensors that help our customers to improve their technology and reduce costs. Most products are manufactured using the injection moulding process, from which the company derives its name: igus = "Industriespritzguss" (industrial injection moulding).

Our goals

Improve what moves

The world of motion plastics

The world is in constant motion. And where something moves, that's where we come in and offer our customers technical innovations: improve what moves!

This is the guiding principle that drives our manufacturing efforts. By developing products made of low-wear, high-performance polymers, we improve movement all over the world - with products made in Germany. Our motion plastics are products from the areas of energy supply systems, cables, bearing technology, linear technology, bar stock, 3D printing, Low Cost Automation and smart plastics.
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Improved applications thanks to motion plastics

Movement is omnipresent. We see this every day when we are allowed to accompany our customers in exciting projects. Today we serve 188,000 companies from over 80 countries around the world and from over 50 different industries.

In the automotive or packaging industry, railway or agricultural technology, in machine tool construction or in the field of renewable energies, we improve what moves. Together we strive for the best solution for every application.

Zero plastic waste

How sustainable are motion plastics?

As a plastics processing company, we see it as our duty to use resources sustainably and to protect the environment. Our motion plastics can make an important contribution to this - during their production, in use and at the end of their service life.

Two topics in particular are very important to us: CO2 neutrality, i.e. the direct influence on the climate, and zero plastic waste, the recyclability of our products.
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Recycling of technical plastics

To get closer to our goal of zero plastic waste, we started a program in 2019 to recycle our own energy chains: Chainge. In the meantime, we have expanded this program into a platform for recycling energy chains from any manufacturer as well as other industrial plastics. In addition, Chainge also offers a marketplace for recyclates and a partner network for recyclers. Everything under the motto: Recycling made easy!
To Chainge

Easiest company to deal with

Engineering excellence is child's play - with motion plastics and igus enjoyneering

Develop and design machines and systems with ease. With joy and fun at work. In a collaborative process that develops and expands creativity and technical know-how. In short: Tech up made easy - that's what enjoyneering stands for! We presented this concept at the Hannover Messe 2023, which includes real innovations and digital revolutions related to our motion plastics. The enjoyneering should enable engineers and technicians to unleash their technical potential with playful ease and to break new ground in problem solving, for example with the iguverse.
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Support around the globe

igus worldwide The motion plastics products from igus are made in Germany, but our 188,000 customers are not only in Germany, but worldwide. We are represented in over 80 countries and have factories in 15 of them; there are 30 igus subsidiaries and many other sales partners. That's how we can provide you with advice and support on site wherever you are.

Fast and reliable delivery

At igus we offer you everything from a single source. That's 243,000 products in over 1,000,000 variations from stock. We can get these ready to ship and deliver them within a very short time - and if things have to be done very quickly, we will find a solution together.

igus is an award-winning company

igus awards Over the course of many years, we have had the honour of receiving a number of awards and prizes. After all, this rewards the performance of our employees and products. We are particularly proud, for example, of our nomination as a Hidden Champion, of the NRW Business Award, of our recognition as a family-friendly company and of the iF design awards.

What we stand for and how we interact

The igus solar system

Our solar system is at the heart of our culture. No, we're not talking about the planetary system here. The igus solar system is an organisational chart that reflects our thoughts and actions. In the middle is the customer, who is as important to us as the sun is to the earth, which provides light, heat and energy - just as the customer gives us wishes, incentives, money. Our colleagues and teams live and create around the customer, who take up their requirements and find the right solutions to their problems, often innovations.The success of our employees then comes from the success of our customers. As a company, it is our job to create an atmosphere for our colleagues in which they can work with pleasure and in the best possible way.

Going into the future with curiosity

Research on 3,800 m2 floor space, an open ear for customer ideas, new products every year at our in-house trade show IMPS and at many trade shows worldwide ... all this means innovation for us. We want to find new solutions with our customers and implement them quickly in order to improve technology and reduce costs.

We keep an eye not only on the current problems, but also on the challenges of the future. Digitalisation, for example, pervades all igus structures and is closely intertwined with innovation.

igus 2023: facts & figures

igus sales

€1.115 billion

igus employees worldwide


Employees worldwide
igus locations and distributors


Locations and 50 distributors: represented in over 80 countries
igus customers


igus parts


Products from stock
igus injection moulding machines


Injection moulding machines
FoundedOctober 15, 1964 by Margret and Günter Blase in Cologne (Mülheim); 100% family owned
From a backyard in Cologne out into the world – more about the history of igus
CEOFrank Blase, CEO New Businesses & Operations
Michael Blass, CEO e-chain systems
Artur Peplinski, CEO igus international
Tobias Vogel, CEO Plain Bearings & Linear Technology
Largest test laboratory in the industryTotal area 3,800 m², 15,000 tests/year
CertificateQuality and environmental management
DIN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018
Other certificates and seals of approval


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