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Woodworking machinery solutions for moving applications

igus ® plastic solutions for moving applications help you to reduce installation, handling and throughput times. Time-consuming maintenance work can be minimised with dry running, swarf-resistant solutions from a single source. Where there is dust and swarf, the very tightly sealed igus® energy supplies ensure the safe and secure movement of cables, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses in woodworking machines or CNC processing centres. In addition, the dry running igus® linear guides, plain bearings and ball bearings are absolutely lubrication- and maintenance-free making them the first choice for the woodworking industry, as swarf, dust and dirt do not settle on the bearings.
Your benefits at a glance:

Swarf-proof, dust-tight and impervious to dirt

Lubrication and maintenance-free

Ready-to-install energy supply systems

Quick assembly

Minimise your machine downtime

Contact the expert

Products commonly used in woodworking machines

e-chains® E2

e-chain® E2

Easy assembly

Tough – high strength

Quiet operation

Long service life of cables

e-chains® E4.1L

e-chain® E4.1L

Tough, low-noise, modular

Fast assembly

Long travels possible

Long service life

Control cables

chainflex® control cables

Fail-safe cables

36 month guarantee

Suitable for extreme ambient conditions

readychain® standard

readychain® standard

Quick assembly

Reduce failures

No cable surplus

Plug & Play

drylin® linear technology

Linear technology

100% lubrication-free

Corrosion-resistant and hygienic


Extremely quiet operation

igubal® pillow block bearings

Pillow block bearing

Lubrication and maintenance-free



Quiet operation

Various customised bearings made by igus® to your specific requirements

Your component made to your design in the desired quantity and material

Individual solutions are just as much part of the igus® product range as standard parts. Our experts match the choice of the manufacturing process and the component material precisely to your needs. The right material for your purposes is selected from a wide range of wear-resistant and maintenance-free high-performance polymers.

Application examples of our customers

Tested for tightness and service life perfect for woodworking machinery

Leak test in a chip drum Having products that prevent ant chips and swarf into a machine is invaluable and thanks to its modular design the e-tube is ideal. This video shows the chain being put in real life applications to be thoroughly tested. 
Endurance tests of moving cables Continuous testing is crucial and in order to be able to offer up to 36 month guaranatees on our chainflex® cables, testing is key. With real life applications as well as enduring vigirous testing, we know what our cables can do.

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