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Linear axes with lead screw drive

drylin linear axes with lead screw drive are designed for positioning tasks of all kinds. The linear adjustment takes place via trapezoidal lead screws of different sizes or via high helix lead screws, which can be set in motion either manually or electrically. The max. travel speed is up to 1.6m/min depending on thread and load. The length of the stroke is freely selectable for any linear drive system. A stroke of max. 1,500mm is possible for a plain-bearing mounted lead screw, and a stroke length of 1,000mm for a ball-bearing mounted lead screw.

For a quick comparison of all drylin® linear modules with lead screw drive with max. stat. radial load capacity click here

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drylin® SHT linear axes

Linear axes SHT

  • Drive: trapezoidal or high-helix lead screw
  • Ball-bearing mounted lead screw drives
  • Lead screws made from steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • Carriage in either quad block or compact design
  • Configurable online

More about drylin SHT linear axes
drylin® SLW linear axes

SLW linear axes

  • Linear axes based on drylin W guides
  • Drive: Trapezoidal or high helix lead screw
  • Torsion-resistant double shaft systems
  • Many carriage and rail options
  • Manual and motorised adjustments possible

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drylin® SAW linear axes

SAW linear axes

  • Linear axes based on drylin W guides
  • Drive: Trapezoidal or high helix lead screw
  • Robust design
  • Ready-to-install with stepper or DC motors
  • Ball bearing

More about drylin SAW linear axes
drylin® linear axes SET

Single-tube linear axis SET

  • Lubrication-free single-tube adjustment
  • Drive: trapezoidal thread
  • Simple, smooth design
  • Low weight due to aluminium and polymer
  • Temperature-resistant up to +50°C

More about single-tube axes easytube
drylin® SLT linear axes

Linear axis SLT

  • Based on drylin T miniature guides
  • Drive: Trapezoidal or high helix lead screw
  • Low-profile and compact design
  • Carriages with individually adjustable clearance
  • Variable lead screw options

More about drylin SLT linear axes
drylin® SLN/SLNV linear axes

Miniature linear axis SLN/SLNV

  • Based on drylin N low-profile linear guide
  • Drive: Trapezoidal or high helix lead screw
  • Compact design
  • Clearance adjustment on carriage
  • Precise with pre-load

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Quiet operation

Quiet operation



Format adjustment

Suitable for format adjustment

Temperature-resistant up to +150°C

0-150 degrees Celsius

FDA compliance

FDA compliance where necessary



Definition of a lead screw drive

The lead screw drive is one of the drive systems of the linear drives. The translational movement of the moving body is generated by a rotating lead screw and transmitted to the lead screw nut. So it is a rotary movement converted into a linear motion. Industrial examples include the lead screw drive for an automatic boot lid of a car, as well as lead screw drives required for opening and closing dome lights, conventional windows or roof windows for natural ventilation.

Lead screw drive: advantages and disadvantages

When to use it?

  • For format adjustments
  • In extreme environments
  • When a cost-effective, ready-to-fit solution is required
  • When corrosion resistance is required
  • When a quiet operation is required

When not to use it?

  • When high loads need to travel at highly dynamic forces
  • When positioning accuracy of < 0.1mm is required
  • When high running performance in continuous operation is required

Lead screw materials

igus relies on self-locking trapezoidal lead screws made of steel and stainless steel for all drylin linear units. Lead screws made of hard-coated aluminium are also available on request for special applications.
High helix lead screws made of stainless steel are optionally available and configurable for the series of linear modules with lead screw drives (SHT) and linear modules based on drylin W (SLW). These options allow much higher travel speeds and gradients, which eliminates self-locking.

Lead screw materials for linear axes from igus

Shaft materials

Shafts made of hard-anodised aluminium belong to the standard range and are the most frequently used version. The reason is a low coefficient of friction and wear and short delivery times. If the linear axes with lead screw drive (SHT) type is used, steel or stainless steel shafts are conceivable in addition to aluminium.

Shaft materials for linear axes from igus

Bearing materials

Without the use of external lubricants and also maintenance-free? This applies to all bearing points of the drylin linear units for drive technology. The high-performance polymers are optionally available for applications with high temperatures up to +180°C (iglidur X). If FDA-compliant components are required, iglidur A180 bearing materials will help.
Learn more about plain bearing liners

Plain bearing materials for linear units from igus

Motors for lead screw axes

As can already be seen from the example of the above-mentioned boot lid of the car, the electric lead screw drive is becoming increasingly important due to a variety of motorised adjustment options. In electronic drive technology, igus offers suitable linear axes based on lead screw drives that can be operated with hybrid stepper motors as well as DC motors (DC gear motors). The safety of the machines is ensured by integrated encoders and freely positionable proximity switches. The igus linear axes are completely ready for installation and connection. The clean and dirt-resistant operation is advantageous. Just visit our motors shop and benefit from our efficient and precise technology for your specific application.

More about lead screw stepper motors
Lead screw stepper motor drylin E

Lead screw axes with motor

The correct motor alignment for the lead screw axis

In our instructions you will find out which alignment of the electrical connections for e.g. motor, encoder or brake connection is best suited for the lead screw axis.
We define the alignment in degrees (looking at the motor from behind). 

Customers application examples

Further information

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drylin accessories for linear modules

Accessories for linear modules and linear axes

Technical accessories for drylin linear modules for operation, assembly and electrics.


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