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Wind power industry

Energy supply systems and bearings for wind turbines

Severe temperature fluctuations, strong winds, turbulence and sand storms: wind turbines have to work reliably even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. igus offers a wide selection of components made of high-performance plastics for wind turbines as well as in production equipment, transport and installation. The components required include robust, compact energy chains and flexible cables for torsional movements that reduce failures in towers, azimuth systems and blade adjustment, for example. Wear-resistant bar stock and high-performance plain bearings, which do not require lubrication or maintenance due to incorporated solid lubricants, are ideal for use in blade adjustment and brake systems.

Areas of use

Wind turbine with markings for motion plastics
Plain bearing in the rotor lock

Rotor lock systems

igutex plain bearing TX1
  • Up to 200MPa static and 140MPa dynamic
  • Wear-resistant and dimensionally stable
More about TX1 in the shop
Plain bearing in the blade-angle adjusting system

Pitch actuators

igutex plain bearing TX1
  • Up to 200MPa static and 140MPa dynamic
  • Wear-resistant and dimensionally stable
More about TX1 in the shop
iglidur bar stock plates in azimuth brakes

Azimuth and rotor brakes

Customised iglidur X or F parts
  • Bar stock or injection-moulded parts
  • High wear resistance and compressive strength
iglidur X plates


iglidur bar stock plates in the azimuth

Azimuth adjustment

Bar stock sliding plates iglidur W300
  • Extremely high wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Resistant to dirt
More about iglidur W300 plates


e-loop in wind turbine

Energy supply for nacelle

Modular energy chain system e-loop
  • Modular system, easy to open
  • Protects against impact due to robust PU outer body
Find out more about the e-loop


RBR rotating energy supply in the rotor blade and in the azimuth adjustment system

Rotor blade and azimuth adjustment

RBR rotating energy supply
  • For high fill weights and confined spaces
  • Rotation angle up to 900°
More about Reverse Bend Radius modules

Further products for wind turbines

Twistable cables

  • For torsion applications with +/- 180° with a cable length of 1 m
  • 36-month guarantee


  • Rotary movements up to 7,000°
  • Rotary speeds up to 180°/s
  • Modular and easy to fill

3D energy chain

  • Defined bend radius
  • +/- 10° twist per chain link
  • High tensile strength

Two-component heavy-duty plain bearing

  • Suitable for extreme loads
  • Cost-effective with injection moulding

Tested in the test laboratory for use in the real world

All products are tested for wear and durability under real-life conditions in the igus test laboratory, the largest in the industry. The results are entered into our service life calculation tools for precise durability predictions.
Upon request, igus carries out customer tests to check product use under completely tailored conditions.

Application example: wind turbines

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