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Tech up and cost down - with high-performance plastics

The benefits of our products are as individual as your requirements. They all have one thing in common, whether they to do with bearing technology or energy supply systems: they are intended to improve technology and reduce costs in the process. Since 1964 we have been developing plastics for motion. Our drive was and still is to meet your individual requirements for machine parts.

Unique to us is certainly the prediction of the service life of our products and the free online tools, with which the service life can be calculated. Where did we get the data? From our test laboratory, which is also unique in the industry with a size of 3,800 m² and around 15,000 annual tests. And from our customers, who give us valuable information for development with their requirements and feedback. Some of our products are also available as smart versions, where the material condition can be monitored and a possible replacement can scheduled before any failures occur.

Bearing technology - lubrication-free and durable

Our materials and technology designs are diverse: high temperature, food­grade, high load, UV and chemical resistant, plain bearings, linear technology, self-aligning bearings, gears, lead screws, 3D printing, automation and more. The core of our developments is friction optimisation. All material mixtures are improved with filler and solid lubricants so that low friction values are achieved and no external lubrication is necessary. There are no lubrication intervals for trouble-free operation. Our technology runs without maintenance interruption for as long as conditions permit. And since our materials are tailored to many conditions, this can be a very long time compared to other materials.

Metal vs. dry-tech

Bearing technology from igus is:

  • Lubrication-free 
  • Corrosion-free 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easily configured and ordered 

Bearing technology from igus can:

  • Cost down 
  • A technical improvement 
  • Service life calculation 
  • Individually projected 

Chain + cable = energy supply - No output without input

The best bearing technology cannot show what added value it brings if the machine does not run at all - because it does not get any energy. Data cables, power cables and cables with media are neuralgic points of a machine, the cause of a failure can often be found here. Our energy chains and the cables optimised for movement have been developed to prevent failures and enable long service life. They are available as complete ready-to-install systems or as single parts.

e-chain and chainflex vs. competition

Energy supply systems from igus are:

  • Easily installed
  • Space-saving installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Robust in wind, weather, dirt and chemicals
  • Quickly retrofitted with individual cables

Energy supply systems from igus can:

  • Cost down 
  • A technical improvement 
  • Service life calculation along with up to 36 months guarantee
  • Individually projected, worldwide
  • Guide energy, data, air and media in parallel

More information about our plastics


Online tools

Easily configure your desired product online with our digital helpers, calculate service life, reduce process costs.

Over 15,000 tests per year

... our products pass through our 3,800 m2 test laboratory - the largest in the industry. We also test your individual application.


During production, in use and at the end of their service life: How sustainable are our high-performance plastics?

Successfully in use

In 72 countries and more than 50 industries, motion plastics make our customers everyday life easier and improve their applications.

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Shipping and delivery times

Ready to ship in 24hrs. No minimum order quantity Over 200,000 products ex-stock.


igus is audited and certified every year. This is how we ensure that each of our products meets our high quality standards.

manus award

Every second year we award the most innovative plastic plain bearing applications of our customers. Here are the current winners:

vector award

Furthermore, every two years, we award prizes to exceptionally bold energy supply solutions from our customers. You can see the current award winners here: