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drylin® gantries - linear robots

A maintenance-free, low-cost automation solution

igus® gantry linear robots are motor driven systems available as a flat, line or room gantry. igus® gantry robots can be bespoke in design for a host of automated tasks in a multitude of industries, performing xyz linear motions. Typical applications for these linear robots are pick and place, sorting, labelling and an array of assembly applications. igus® gantries are engineered to be quiet and smooth in operation with self-lubricating components that are corrosion and maintenance-free.

Additionally, igus® gantries are supplied with the igus® drylin® linear modules along with a NEMA stepper motors for each axis

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gantry linear robot

igus® gantries - motor driven linear robots

Room gantries

linear robots for xyz movement

For xyz movements

  • Loads up to 5kg
  • Precision requirements up to approx. 0.8mm
  • Speeds up to max. 0.5m/s
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Line gantries

linear robot for forward movements

For movement in one direction

  • For loads up to 5kg
  • For precision requirements up to approx. 0.2mm
  • For speeds up to max. 1m/s
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Flat gantries

linear robot for xy movements

For xy movements

  • Load capacity up to 80N
  • Precision requirements of up to approx. 0.5mm
  • Speeds of up to 1.5m/s
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We use these products for our linear robots

Linear axes

drylin linear axes
  • with toothed belt drive
  • with lead screw drive
  • Lightweight cantilever axis
Overview of linear axes


  • NEMA stepper motors
  • Direct-current motor (DC)
  • EC/BLDC motors
Motors overview

Motor control and accessories

drylin linear actuator accessories
  • Motor control systems, motor flanges, couplings
  • Initiators and proximity switches
  • External brake resistors
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robot control software for linear robots

igus® Robot Control software

Intuitive robot programming, simulation and control system

Make your automation solution ready for use with igus® Robot Control. Due to the modular design, different robot kinematics can be controlled, for example, delta robots, linear robots and multi-axis joint robots.
You can now download and test the software for free.  
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