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Tech up, cost down...

... Polymer solutions in every batch size for more than 50 industries

Different industries need different solutions. Whether in mechanical engineering, motor vehicle manufacturing, intralogistics, in cleanrooms or 3D printing - igus offers customised support for special applications. igus has many years of experience and specialist consultants for many industries. The following overview is merely an extract. If your industry is not listed, please let us know. We're here to help.
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3D Printing machine

Components or system solutions.


Withstand tough conditions.

Automotive industry

Lightweight plain bearings and energy supply systems.


Light and cost-effective due to plastic and aluminium.

beverage manufacturing

Clean and FDA-compliant machine components for beverage machines.

Bicycle technology

Light and robust bearing solutions.

Building material manufacturing

Durability with low maintenance.


Solutions for bucket wheel excavators, conveyor belts etc.: corrosion-free and resistant to dirt, chemicals and high temperatures

Camera slider technology

Modular system for camera sliders.


ISO Class 1 for many products.

Composting plants

Resistant to dirt and extreme temperatures.

Concrete industry

Steel systems are already being replaced by solutions made of high-performance plastics in many heavy-duty areas.

Construction machinery

Maintenance-free energy supply.


Replace festoons und bus bars.

Façade systems

Corrosion and weather-resistant components.

Food industry

High-performance plastics made of FDA-compliant components for the food industry

Furniture construction / Industrial Design

Cleanliness & weight saving.

Glass industry

Temperature- and splinter-proof, quickly installed, durable: energy supplies, special cables and storage technology for glass production and ‑processing

Indoor cranes

Products made of durable high-performance polymers for indoor cranes.

Industrial vehicles

igus® solutions in industrial vehicles and forklifts

Locks & dock facilities

igus® energy supply systems have been proving their reliability day in, day out for many years.

Machine tools

Prevent machine failures, save costs: with polymer solutions for simple machine tools to complex automated production lines



Material handling

For trouble-free processes in warehousing

Medical industry

Antimagnetic, hygienic, lubrication-free.

Model making

Lightweight, robust polymer solutions with very small diameters and bend radii and micro-designs in all product areas


igus® lubrication and maintenance-free solutions for motorcycles and scooters.


Resistant to salt water.

Oil and gas industry

igus® energy supply systems are used in the oil and gas industry.

Packaging industry

Lubrication-free and FDA-compliant machine components for the packaging industry.

Plastic processing machines

Assembly-friendly systems.

Pneumatic components with igus

Pumps, valves and fittings free from lubrication.

Printing industry

Insensitive to pressure dust and paper dust.

Prosthetics & orthotics

For 95% less wear.

Renewable energy

Long service life despite dirt, wind and severe temperature fluctuations: secure bearing technology and energy supply for solar plants and wind turbines.


For 6-axis robotic applications.

Service robots

Take advantage of motion plastics® and equip service robots for a wide range of applications.

Sewage treatment plants

Energy supplies for long-lasting systems in sewage plants.

Shipbuilding industry

Lubricant- and maintenance-free products for the shipbuilding industry.

Shore power connections

Intelligent energy supply systems.

Sports boats etc.

Saltwater-resistant and suitable for any weather.

Sports, fitness & rehab

Light, low noise and lubrication-free adjustment.

Telescopic work platforms and aerial lifts

Energy chains, cables and sliding plates for telescopic work platforms and cherry pickers.

Textile industry

Clean and maintenance-free plastic solutions for bearings and energy supply

Theatre and stage technology

Quiet, low vibration and self-lubricating.

Traffic engineering

Long-lasting, resilient components for the railways

Tyre production

For freedom from lubricants and dust.

Utility vehicles and lorries

Maintenance-free and weather-resistant solutions.

Vending machinery

Product solutions for vending machine technology: 100% lubrication-free; quiet, dependable with a long service life

Vertical farming

Washing plants

Corrosion-free machine elements.


Chip-proof solutions help to avoid maintenance.

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