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Intelligent drive technology & drive systems from igus®

The drylin® drive technology provides lubrication-free linear axes that are driven either by a trapezoidal thread, high helix thread or toothed belt. From lightweight solid polymer units up to solid stainless steel solutions; igus® offers suitable solutions for customers individual application. In all systems, the stroke length is freely selectable and the optional drive provided by a hand wheel or motor.  At igus®, we optimise linear automation at the highest level with drive systems. The drive systems consist of maintenance-free components and are offered cost-effectively. They are characterised by a long service life, precision and high reliability. If you are you looking for a high-speed linear drive system, or a lubrication-free and efficient alternative for your drive system, take a look at our wide range of special drive solutions. The drylin® drive technology is also dirt-resistant, lightweight, quiet and suitable for almost all applications and industries from all over the world.

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Linear drive technology


Lead screw, toothed belt & rack axes

  • Advantages and disadvantages of different drives
  • System structures of the igus linear axes with drive
  • Solutions made of polymer and solid stainless steel

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Multi-axis systems


XY-tables, gantries and linear robots

  • Harnessed ready for use
  • Individually configurable through modular design
  • Manual or electrical
  • Maintenance-free
  • Ideal for pick and place 

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drylin® econ entry-level series


Efficient and ready-to-install

  • Cost-effective through production by injection moulding and Klareloxal
  • Alternative to self-made solutions
  • Guaranteed fast installation
  • Lightweight construction

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drylin drive technology configurator

Configure your custom linear system online

With the online configurator for the drive technology you will receive the suitable drive technology system based on your requirements. You also have the option of requesting or ordering both motors and other accessories, such as the motor control system.

  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Optional accessories
  • Detailed parts list
  • Fast delivery

Configure your drive system

Selected customer applications with the igus drive technology


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