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Cost down & tech up
motion plastics for
composting and waste incineration plants

Composting Plants

Humidity, dirt, swarf, heat and cold: these are just some of many environmental and weathering effects in which composting and waste incineration plants have to function reliably. For composting, fail-safe components are indispensable to ensure that the complicated, self-contained composting process is not disturbed. The aim is to produce high-quality compost from biodegradable waste so that it can be used as a fully effective fertiliser in gardening and farming. In heavy-duty areas, steel systems are increasingly being replaced with igus products due to their exceptional suitability.  

New from April 2020

EC.PP trough-integrated path measurement system

Trough-integrated travel measuring system

▲ Tech up

Path measurement system for connection to the position-dependent push/pull measuring system EC. PR

Usable as a primary trolley positioning system

▼ Cost down

Savings on average of four person days of assembly time as no second measuring system is required

More information about the path measurement system EC. PP
isense EC.W.06 service life monitoring

Crossbar for online lifetime monitoring

▲ Tech up

Integrated LTE modem transmits abrasion and movement data directly to the cloud

Maintenance recommendations on the web dashboard, via e-mail or SMS

▼ Cost down

Avoidance of unplanned plant downtime

No additional hardware needed in the switch cabinet

More information about isense EC. W.06
chainflex CASE - ship'n shore

New shipping drum for chainflex goods sold by the metre

▲ Tech up

The label with QR code for the product page makes re-ordering 60% faster

Simple unreeling directly from the box

▼ Cost down

84% more cost-effective with standard shipment

Delivery within one to two business days with standard delivery

More about chainflex CASE - ship'n shore

Why are e-chains ideal for heavy-duty use?


  • They are corrosion-free
  • Often more cost-effective than metal solutions, and have a modular design
  • Long service life with extremely low maintenance
  • Resistant to dirt, chemicals and high temperatures
  • Lightweight with high stability
See in the video, how polymer energy chains withstand heaviest-duty applications.

Selected products

rol e-chain®

rol e-chain® - rolling instead of gliding

  • Speeds up to 6m/s possible
  • Available as ready-to-fit, harnessed system
  • Can be used in dirty environments

chainflex® cables

chainflex® cables for motion

  • Abrasion-resistant insulation
  • High tensile strength centre element and gusset-filled extrusion
  • Bundled design
  • Abrasion-resistant, flexible outer jacket


guidefast & guidefast control

  • Safe and space-saving 
  • No tangling of cables 
  • Transmission of energy, data and signals
Find out more about guidefast
Find out more about guidefast control

Energy chain configurator

Configure complete energy supply systems for short or long travels as well as for hanging applications. Enter the application and environmental parameters of your application, and the energy chain configurator "e-chain expert" will suggest suitable solutions for your energy supply.

Selected application examples

Checked in the igus® test laboratory for use in the real world

Media-resistance of e-chains® and cables - Bentonite test

Further information

Why chainflex?

Here, you can find out why chainflex® cables are extremely durable and fail-safe.

Installation service

Save time and money on installation and maintenance of your energy chain systems!

Engineering service

We can provide you with advice and offer tailor-made custom solutions for your applications!


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