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drylin® high helix lead screw nut, A180SLM

  • Material: iglidur® A180
  • Thread direction: Left-hand thread
  • Thread type: High helix threads
  • Design: Standard
  • Cylindrical lead screw nut

Product description
Lead screw nut product description
dryspin lead screw nuts are made of iglidur high-performance polymers. There are 6 different standard materials available for different applications: iglidur J, iglidur J350, iglidur A180, iglidur E7, iglidur R, iglidur J200 and iglidur W300 (only TR). The use of different tribologically optimised materials enables lead screw technology to meet many of the required specifications. B. High load resistance, temperature resistance or FDA conformity.
The dryspin® lead screw nuts are made of highly wear-resistant iglidur® high-performance polymers and are therefore 100% lubrication-free and maintenance-free. They are durable and tough in adverse environments. They also score points with their resistance to chemicals, freedom from mould and quiet travel. All standard materials are PTFE-free. The base material is also reinforced by technical fibres or filling materials. The solid lubricants are, as microscopic particles, embedded in millions of tiny chambers of the material. This is adequate to sufficiently lubricate the immediate surrounding area and to reduce the friction of the system. These additives stabilise our lead screw nuts decisively for wear resistance.
Temperature resistance also plays a major role in many applications. It is often suggested that polymer lead screw nuts can only be used at low temperatures. But that is not true!
It should always be noted that the axial clearance in the lead screw system is directly influenced over a wide temperature range. The specifications of the axial clearance are based on laboratory tests and an ambient temperature of 23°C.
High efficiency at all speeds: iglidur J
High speed
Low wear
Best coefficient of friction
For temperatures up to +150°C: iglidur J350
For high temperatures
Good coefficient of friction at medium load
Optimum performance range from 60°C
For medium to high speeds: iglidur R
High wear resistance for low loads
Low moisture absorption
FDA compliant for the food and pharmaceutical industries: iglidur A180
FDA compliant
For contact with food
Best counter partner for aluminium: iglidur J200
Low coefficient of friction and wear
Long service life on aluminium
For high speeds: iglidur E7
Low loads up to 200N
Speeds of up to 1200rpm.
For heavy-duty applications: iglidur W300 (only trapezoidal thread)
High static strengths of 4 to 5 MPa
Wear-resistant only with high loads and low speeds

Besides a large selection of standard materials for lead screw technology, igus also offers a wide range of models in the lead screw nut geometry itself:
Cylindrical lead screw nuts
Cylindrical lead screw nuts with spanner flats
Flange lead screw nuts
Flange lead screw nuts with spanner flats
Heavy-duty lead screw nut geometry
Cylindrical injection-moulded lead screw nuts
Injection-moulded lead screw nuts with flange
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