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Plastic energy chain systems

energy chains (also called energy supply systems, drag chains and cable carriers) are mechanical machine elements used to guide and protect energy, data, signals and fluids together in one system, whilst withstanding the most diverse environmental conditions.

Energy supply systems work best when all elements -  cables, hoses, interior separation elements, strain relief devices and guide troughs – are designed to work together. At igus® we optimise the design and materials of all these elements to offer the longest possible service life – guaranteed.

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Small energy chains

Small energy chains

Inner heights: 5 – 32mm

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Medium-sized energy chains

Medium-sized energy chains

Inner heights: 21 – 48mm

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Large energy chains

Large energy chains

Inner heights: 21 – 350mm

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energy chains for robots

Energy chains for robots

Inner diameter: 12 – 46.8mm

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Protection against dust and swarf

Energy chains for protection against dirt and swarf

Inner heights: 21 – 75mm

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Low noise and vibration

low noise and vibration energy chains

Inner heights: 10 – 80mm

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Clean room energy supply systems

e-skin clean room energy chains

Corrugated tube: 28–40mm

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e-spool® alternative to a cable reel

espool energy chains

Cable drums without slip rings

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Special solutions & accessories

energy chain accessories

Troughs, strain relief elements, PMA hoses

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iSet - Sophisticated engineering made simple. Complete sets in just three clicks!

energy chain iset
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How to specify an energy supply

Overview of how to specify your complete energy supply system using igus® tools.

How to specify an energy chain

Simple e-chain® product finder

Find the right energy chain and chainflex® cables for your application.

e-chain® product finder

energy chain configurator

Configure complete energy chain supply systems for short or long travel as well as for hanging applications.

To the energy chain configurator

3D CAD portal

Quickly design your energy chain system to build into your CAD model.  Supports a variety of formats and systems.

3D CAD portal

Selected application examples

Our energy chains are modular and therefore can be used for a large number of different applications.

Frequently asked questions regarding energy chains

What benefits do energy chains offer?

They enforce a minimum bend radius for the cables and hoses they protect and offer physical protection around them.  The biggest benefit is that different services can be run side by side together in the same system e.g hydraulics, power cables, data cables, fibre optic cables, fluids etc.  This makes them flexible and versatile, even allowing easy and cheap cable upgrades during the system life. By being passive (i.e. being pulled and pushed by the machine), they need no extra power or drive system and being made from low friction plastics they are therefore corrosion resistant and virtually maintenance-free.

How many cables fit into an energy chain?

The number of cables that can be fitted into an energy chain is virtually limitless. Since we offer a full range of internal separation solutions, this can be done safely and to meet almost any layout required. The huge benefit of energy chains is that almost any combination of cables and hoses can be run in the same system, something that cannot be said of alternative technologies like busbars and festoons.

Where can energy chains be used?

Anywhere and everywhere! From electronics pick-and-place machines, to car washes, from theatre lighting cable management to nuclear decommissioning cranes, from underwater turbines to offshore oil platform skidding. Anywhere where cables and hoses are moved.

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