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Durable energy chains for gantry cranes

They have been designed for the overhead moving of loads within a building, such as in production and assembly areas: gantry cranes. As they are fixed to the building, they allow for three directions of movement, which cables, hoses and energy supplies also have to follow. Short downtimes, low maintenance requirements and the functional reliability of the system are important from an economic point of view, but also with regard to occupational safety. Due to the individual building conditions and areas of application, gantry cranes are usually custom-made, from the crane track to the energy supply system. Our energy supply systems have been developed for different operating conditions, but also for the various standards of the international markets. They are designed in an optimal way, as a complete system or individual component, and with a predictable service life.

Benefits of igus products:

  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Less installation space and lower weight
  • Service life calculation
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective and low-maintenance
  • Complete system or individual components with no minimum order quantity

Single-girder travelling cranes

Single-girder travelling cranes

Light, compact and durable energy chain solutions for single-girder travelling cranes

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Double-girder travelling cranes

Double-girder travelling crane

Lightweight, robust, cost-effective: e-chains for double-girder travelling cranes

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Jib cranes

Jib cranes

Compact and fail-safe bundling of jib crane cables in e-chains.

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news 2022

Slide profile for the lower run reduces costs by up to 21%

Modular extender crossbar system for large diameters

See all the 2022 news? You can find the overview here.

news 2022

White paper: efficient energy supply systems for cranes in steel plants

Modern steel production takes place in steel plants with increasingly high levels of integration. What technical challenges result from this for the transport and conveyor plant used, especially for the cranes in steel plants? How can an energy supply be achieved that is both reliable and efficient? There are two options: festoons and energy chains. What system has more advantages?

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Durable products for overhead gantry cranes

Cost-effective e-chain without guide trough

Energy and data transmission installed in just 1 hour

▲ Tech up
  • Energy, data, air and liquids in ONE system
  • 50% floor remains free, no guide trough needed
▼ Cost down
  • Assembly times 88% less than for a conventional standard solution with guide troughs
  • Less maintenance and cleaning requirements

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e-spool cable guidance

e-spool | Cable drum alternative

  • Prevents tensile strain on the cables
  • Energy supply in all directions with an e-chain
  • Space - saving design
  • Guide various diameters and media

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Series 2600 energy supply for bridge cranes

E2/000 energy supply

  • Easy opening and insertion of cables
  • Quick assembly
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Always secure seating of the separators

Classic E2/000 energy supply
E2000 energy supply with rollers

Rolling energy supply

  • Rolling instead of gliding 
  • Especially suitable for long travels.
  • Suitable for high travel speeds
  • Available as ready-to-fit, harnessed system

Safe cable guidance over long travels
Liftband for vertical energy supply


  • Lightweight and space-saving cable guidance
  • Speeds up to 1m/s
  • Acceleration up to 2m/s2
  • Max. extension length 13m

Guide cables vertically
i.Sense - condition monitoring

i.Sense - condition monitoring

  • Save maintenance costs
  • The plant's status can be called up online
  • Maintenance messages straight to your phone
  • Automatic ordering of spare parts 

Sense the need for maintenance automatically
chainflex cables

chainflex cables

  • Developed for maximum load
  • Torsion-resistant cables
  • Suitable for very tight bend radii
  • Up to 36 months chainflex guarantee

Long-lasting cables for cranes
guidefast guide trough

guidefast guide rails

  • Reliable guidance of energy supply
  • Short installation times
  • Long-term test passed 
  • Makes welding of panels obsolete

Safely guide e-chains
guidefast control - cable guidance for control pendants

guidefast control

  • Easy cable guidance for control pendants
  • No tangling of cables
  • Connector individually adaptable 
  • Short installation times

Cable guidance for control pendants
Guide trough for energy chains and cables

Guide trough

  • Flexible and easy assembly
  • Glide strip protects from wear
  • Suitable for long travels
  • Lightweight

Guide e-chains and cables reliably and safely

EC.PP trough-integrated path measurement system

The quick and easy to install position measuring system for every type of crane. Provide your crane with millimetre-accurate positioning and also create the possibility of integrating other smart plastics products, which further increases the safety and performance of the system.  

Further information

Easy and quick to install

guidefast installation The guidefast guide trough is ideal for moving motor cables on the crane. In the trough, an energy chain with the cables travels from A to B, thus ensuring a long service life, even with continuous load and the smallest bend radii. The guidefast can be installed on the crane in four simple steps:
  • Attach bracket
  • Connect the guide trough and screw on
  • Insert energy chain with cable and fasten
  • Connect trough joints with the help of clips
The guidefast control assembly The guidefast control cable guidance for crane control pendants is installed in a flash. The cables of the control pendant are guided in an energy chain, which maximises their life and minimises cable tangling.The guidefast control can be mounted on the crane in five simple steps:
  • Attach bracket
  • Connect guidefast guide troughs and screw on
  • Insert energy chain with cable and fasten
  • Insert guide carriage and connect with energy chain
  • Attach end stopper

Successful application stories with overhead gantry cranes

Indoor crane

Cable guidance in heat and dust

A slab transport crane in a hot rolling mill works reliably in heat and dust. Energy and signal supply to the trolley and cabin is ensured by "heavy duty" energy chains.

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Garbage crane

Reduce costs: e-chains in waste cranes

At a Belgian waste disposal company, the trailing cables were replaced by energy chains in two travelling cranes. They reliably guide the cables over 116m travel.

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smart plastics

... and other success stories

In other application examples, discover how our energy chains and chainflex cables are used in the crane industry for different requirements.

Discover further success stories

Tested for real-world applications in the industry's largest test laboratory

A look at the chainflex and e-chain test laboratory Take a look at our chainflex and e-chain test laboratory, where 10 billion cycles are tested annually.
Long travels in outdoor tests Up to 400m of travel can be achieved on our 200m long test track for energy chains.

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