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Tech up & cost down
motion plastics for
indoor cranes

Energy supply solutions for bridge cranes

In the area of crane systems, safe and fault-free cable guidance is extremely important for functional safety. As demands on travel distances, speeds, accelerations and precision are steadily increasing, the energy supply system and the cables must be able to withstand ever increasing loads. Installation, operation and maintenance should require a minimum of time and anticipated downtime. "Off-the-peg solutions" for indoor cranes and bridge cranes are rarely an option. Especially in the international market with its different conditions and standards, crane manufacturers and end users require multifunctional machines and variable components that can be easily adapted to the respective situation. All these requirements are met by igus with its versatile and extremely durable energy supply systems.

Benefits of igus products:

  • Cost-effective
  • Save installation space and weight
  • Maintenance-free for 24/7 use
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy assembly
  • Complete system or individual components from batch size 1
  • Service life calculation
  • Low noise and low vibration

News 2020

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Tech up, Cost down: new e-chains® that do not require guide troughs, can be installed lightning-fast, allow condition monitoring – and are specially designed for use with indoor cranes.
You can find more information about these and other product innovations at our 400 m2 trade show stand. You can visit it virtually either on your own– or together with our industry expert. Make an appointment now for a guided virtual tour with individual consultation:

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Energy and data transmission installed in just one hour

New in 10: abrasion-measuring separator with solar power supply

New in 10: quick, simple handling, entirely without tools

Free sample box for indoor cranes

Convince yourself of the quality of our products for indoor cranes, ensure better machine performance and lower your costs.

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White paper: efficient energy supply systems for cranes in steel plants

Modern steel production takes place in steel plants with increasingly high levels of integration. What technical challenges result from this for the transport and conveyor plant used, especially for the cranes in steel plants? How can an energy supply be achieved that is both reliable and efficient? There are two options: festoons and energy chains. What system has more advantages?

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Durable products for indoor cranes

e-spool cable guidance

e-spool® - Alternative to the cable drum

  • Prevents tensile strain on the cables
  • Energy supply in all directions with an e-chain
  • Space - saving design
  • Guide various diameters and media

Series 2600 energy supply for bridge cranes

E2/000 energy supply

  • Easy opening and insertion of cables
  • Quick assembly
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Always secure seating of the separators

E2000 energy supply with rollers

Rolling energy supply

  • Rolling instead of gliding 
  • Especially suitable for long travels.
  • Suitable for high travel speeds
  • Available as ready-to-fit, harnessed system

Liftband for vertical energy supply


  • Lightweight and space-saving cable guidance
  • Speeds up to 1m/s
  • Acceleration up to 2 m/s2
  • Max. extension length 13m

isense energy chain control system

isense energy chain control system

  • e-chains and cables sense their need for maintenance
  • The plant's status can be called up online
  • Maintenance messages straight to your smart phone
  • Automatic ordering of spare parts an option

chainflex cables

chainflex cables

  • Developed for maximum load
  • Torsion-resistant cables
  • Suitable for very tight bend radii
  • 36 month chainflex guarantee

guidefast guide trough

guidefast guide rails

  • Reliable guidance of energy supply
  • Short installation times
  • Long-term test passed to withstand vibration and strength
  • Makes welding of panels obsolete

guidefast control - cable guidance for control pendants

guidefast control

  • Easy cable guidance for control pendants
  • No tangling of cables
  • Connector individually adaptable to pendant switch
  • Short installation times

Guide trough for energy chains and cables

Guide trough

  • Easy, flexible assembly
  • Glide strip protects from wear
  • Suitable for long travels
  • Light weight

Easy and quick to install

guidefast assembly The guidefast guide trough is ideal for moving motor cables on the crane. In the trough, an energy chain with the cables travels from A to B, thus ensuring a long service life, even with continuous load and the smallest bend radii.The guidefast can be installed on the crane in four simple steps:
  • Attach bracket
  • Connect the guide trough and screw on
  • Insert energy chain with cable and fasten
  • Connect trough joints with the help of clips
The guidefast control assembly The guidefast control cable guidance for crane control pendants is installed in a flash. The cables of the control pendant are guided in an energy chain, which maximises their life and minimises cable tangling.The guidefast control can be mounted on the crane in five simple steps:
  • Attach bracket
  • Connect guidefast guide troughs and screw on
  • Insert energy chain with cable and fasten
  • Insert guide carriage and connect with energy chain
  • Attach end stopper

Tested for real-world applications in the industry's largest test laboratory

Take a peek into the chainflex and e-chains test laboratory Have a look at our test laboratory for chainflex cables and e-chains, where tests are run for 10 billion cycles every year.
Long travels in field test In the case of long travels, e-chains are subjected to field testing with the help of sensors.

igus products being used successfully in indoor cranes

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