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motion plastics for the aircraft interior

Lightweight, quiet operation; compact enough to fit in small installation spaces; and completely dry operation that requires absolutely no maintenance – these are the properties that make our energy chains and bearing technology products suitable for so many applications in the aircraft interior:
Adjustable armrests | Adjustable leg supports and footrests | Horizontal seat adjustment | Seat rotation | Table adjustment (Economy Class) | Table extension (Business Class) | Height-adjustable headrest | Luggage compartment doors | Partitions | TV monitors | Tablet, iPad, smartphone adjustment | Cabin doors

Adjustable armrests

Aircraft interior: plain bearings in armrests
iglidur G plain bearings

iglidur G plain bearings

Wear-resistant, in many standard dimensions, complies with FAR 25.853/UL94 V0
drylin N low-profile linear guides

drylin N low-profile linear guides

Very lightweight, low installation height (between 6 and 12mm), many carriage options

Adjustable leg support/footrests

Aircraft interior; drylin profile guides in legrests
iglidur® clip bearings MCM

iglidur® clip bearings MCM

For guiding shafts through plates, easy to install, captive thanks to a double flange
drylin T rail guide

drylin T rail guides

Side bar, lightweight and compact, connection size as that of commercially available recirculating ball systems

Horizontal seat adjustment

Aircraft interior: e-chain in horizontal seat adjustment
e-chain E2 micro

e-chain E2 micro

For the smallest installation spaces with the smallest inner heights and radii, UL94-V2 (V0 optional)
easy chain e-chain

easy chain e-chain

Easy to fill even when installed, flexible, highly dynamic and quiet

Rotating seat adjustment

Aircraft interior: e-chain in rotating seat adjustment
e-chain ZF

e-chain ZF for rotary movement

Lightweight, quiet and abrasion-resistant, available with V0 and V2 fire classes, easy to fill and assemble

Table adjustment (economy class)

Aircraft interior: plain bearings in table adjustment
Plain bearing iglidur J

iglidur G plain bearings

Versatile, extremely wear-resistant endurance runner with very low coefficient of friction on (nearly) all shafts
drylin R shaft guides

drylin R shaft guides

Dimensions identical to standard ball bearings, durable, hard anodised aluminium shafts

Table extension (Business Class)

Aircraft interior: plain bearings in the table extension
iglidur JVSM plain bearings

iglidur JVSM plain bearings

Radially and axially pre-loaded, completely clearance-free when unloaded, no lubrication or maintenance required
drylin® T miniature guide

drylin® T miniature guide

Compact design, same dimensions as recirculating ball bearings, carriage with V0 available (optional)

Height-adjustable head rests

Aircraft interior: drylin profile guides in headrests
drylin NT telescopic guide

drylin NT telescopic guide

Infinitely adjustable, very quiet, locking function available, no lubrication or maintenance required
drylin W rail with carriage

drylin W profile guide

Large linear construction kit, single or double rails, linear bearings and complete carriages

Luggage compartment flap

Aircraft interior: iglidur plain bearings in luggage compartment doors
iglidur M250 plain bearings

iglidur M250 plain bearings

Vibration-dampening, insensitive to edge loads, thick walls, DIN 1850
drylin W single profile with carriage

drylin W profile guide

Precise guidance, hybrid bearings with integrated roller for easy movement


Aircraft interior: drylin linear technology in partitions
drylin ZLW toothed belt axes

drylin ZLW toothed belt axis

Ready-to-install linear axes, can also be delivered with a completely metal-free carbon linear guide

TV monitors

Aircraft interior: iglidur plain bearings in TV monitors
igubal KSTM and ESTM pillow block bearings

igubal KSTM and ESTM pillow block bearings

Lightweight, compensates misalignment and edge loads, for all shaft materials

Adjustments of tablets, pads, smartphones

Aircraft interior: iglidur plain bearings in tablet mounts
igubal EGLM spherical bearings

igubal EGLM spherical bearings

Compensates for misalignment, very lightweight and space-saving, shock-resistant, E dimensional series
drylin W rail curved guide with carriage

drylin W curved guide

Individual radii, best field of view, adjustable without lubrication, customer-specific project service

Cabin doors

Aircraft interior: iglidur plain bearings in cabin doors
iglidur J350 plain bearings with or without flange

iglidur J350 plain bearings

Highly wear-resistant, for temperatures up to 180 °C, classified according to UL94 Safety Tests for Flammability, V0 rating
Bar stock, SFRJ350 round bar

SFRJ350 bar stock

Round bars with diameters of up to 100 mm, for prototypes and small quantities, media-resistant


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