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What are iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings?

iglidur PRT slewing ring bearings are ready-to-install slewing rings for lubrication-free, dry operation. A slewing ring is used when an application has to perform a rotary movement horizontally. Frequent areas of use are:

  • Vertical turning machines
  • Base of robot arms
  • Lighting equipment
  • Shop construction and furniture manufacture
  • Turning stations
The special properties of iglidur PRT slewing ring bearings enable a wide variety of applications. iglidur slewing rings, however, are not designed for high speeds and heavy loads. For such cases, conventional multi-component bearings with grease lubrication and large interspaces have their advantages.

What differentiates igus slewing rings from those of other manufacturers is the modular kit principle: with diverse accessories such as spacer rings, universal sliding elements and drive pins, it is possible to customise any pre-harnessed assembly.
But pre-harnessed slewing rings can also be configured individually and purchased with the PRT expert.

PRT-04 - all variants at a glance

The benefits over the previous model

  • Reduce installation space by up to 50%
  • Reduce weight by 60%
  • Reduce costs by up to 30%

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Overview of properties

iglidur PRT is a lightweight material

Due to sliding elements made of plastic and even lighter with aluminium housing.

PRT slewing ring bearings are insensitive to dirt

No noises caused by metal friction or metal balls.

iglidur PRT is corrosion-resistant

Polymer sliding elements are insensitive to dirt and moisture.

Did you know...


PRT expert

...that you can find the PRT bearing suitable for your application in just a few steps?

By entering just a few parameters relating to installation space, load, speed and environment, you can configure the appropriate slewing system for your application and, in the same step, receive a reliable statement on the expected service life of the slewing ring bearing.  For use in robot joints, we offer complete slewing rings with drive, in diverse sizes and designs.


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smart PRT

...that predictive maintenance of your PRT slewing ring bearing is possible?

Defects are detected before they occur, unscheduled downtime and failures are avoided, repair times are shortened due to early intervention, machine availability increases and maintenance costs decrease. Scheduled maintenance inspections become unnecessary, employees can be more effectively employed, and machines and systems have a longer service life.

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Largest test lab in the industry

iglidur test lab

We carry out tests so that you do not have to experiment. Find out, how high-performance polymers are tested in the industry's largest test lab. In addition to standard tests, we also carry out individual customer tests.


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