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Zero-backlash lead screw nut

The new dryspin® zero backlash lead screw nut

To reduce unwanted axial clearance

To reduce axial clearance, one of the most precise solutions is the zero backlash lead screw nut. It consists of several components and adjusts itself to the service life. It is particularly suitable for lead screw drives with high helix threads for quick adjustment of small loads. The zero-backlash lead screw nut is available in six new sizes:
► DS12x15 
► DS12x25 
► DS14x4
► DS14x25
► DS14x30
Reduce your design time and streamline your lead screw technology procurement process.
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Thread size

Tech up

  • Higher axial loads up to 500N​
  • Independent of load​
  • Lifelong minimum axial clearance due to zero backlash principle (self-adjusting)
  • Precise and quiet ​- ideal for positioning and infeed movements
Thread size

Cost down

  • 100% lubrication-free and maintenance-free
  • No maintenance work due to self-adjusting zero-backlash principle
  • Free online tools with service life calculation and instant price
  • Up to 82% higher levels of efficiency
Thread size


  • Self-adjusting zero-backlash design
Thread size


  • No grease or oil in the lead screw drive
  • Long-lasting use due to patented asymmetry
  • igus® supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling. Find out more at:

The new dimensions of the dryspin® high helix lead screws at a glance

Further important information:

Higher efficiency, longer service life

This is what dryspin® technology can do

The dryspin high helix thread technology was developed by igus in 2013 and offers numerous advantages compared to conventional high helix threads. Due to the flat thread angle, it efficiently converts the force introduced into a translational movement. With specifications and geometries matched to the plastic nut and spindles, dryspin provides an even longer service life and more efficiency for high helix threads. Due to the rounded tooth geometry, the contact area between lead screw and nut is reduced, and the lead systems operate quietly and without vibration under load.
The larger spaces between the individual dryspin threads result in a higher proportion (factor 1.3) of tribologically optimised polymer in the threads. More wear-resistant material and higher levels of efficiency are crucial for a service life that is up to five times longer compared to conventional high helix threads.
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Try out dryspin® technology for yourself

With the help of the free lead screw sample

Holding a real sample in your hands is an important part of understanding your component. We will be happy to send you a sample of our dryspin lead screw drives for this purpose. We have summarised all the specifications and advantages of dryspin lead screw technology in the sample for you. See for yourself and if you have any questions, our experts will be very happy to help.
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